What a waste has August been

It's been a long break, but I have been so depressed lately.

And, no it is not PMS. I'm just having one of those weeks..or months?

I started August very positively, & till now I have worked out  about 15 days in this month.
I know it's not a lot, but according to my personal standard it is a lot.

It's like a downward spiral--despite of the efforts I am just not losing, in fact gaining a few inches (OK just 1 on my waist!!!)

I know my last post, was  somewhat like this, but it's so heartbreaking...!!!

This morning (I just slept 3.5 hours) I weighed in...to see I'm nowhere near a loss for the weigh-in day after.

It's so hard for me right now!

Yet, I kept my spirits high & did my workout.

I feel like I need to sit down and  tell myself--that yes I GAINED weight & this is my third and FINAL round.

I'm really beating myself about this. But, trying to keep it together!
Easier said!

What has been your biggest struggle in the weight-loss department?