Friends who wont take a hint

Hi friends!
 How are you? I had a good week last week..lost about 300  grams. (yay!) I can be sarcastic can't I ?

This post is short & different.
We all have that one person in our life...a friend, a relative, a friend of your child....who do not take a hint.

Example - They invite themselves to your house. You s don't encourage, but they just  DO NOT TAKE  hint. 
Just this morning a  friend of my son's came and he would not LEAVE. Unfortunately, I was a little firm & told him to go as the exams are on. (Well, he is the classmate of my son--so he should be studying too!!!)
I kinda feel bad about it. Because, I'm like a spineless woman.(true)

But, this has been happening since four days. He comes twicew a day at times.

Then, there is this 'acquaintance' of mine. Who just invited herself to my house yesterday.  And, I do not even know what to tell her?

Do you have such friends..ummm...what to call them?

Enjoy the video below. 
Here is to the friends who are not really friends ;)