Hey everyone :) 

How have you all been? I blogged using WordPress for awhile & even though it was not as user friendly as blogger, the android app was so awesome. I used to blog a lot from the app...any blogger apps?
So, my weight has still been the same, and I do feel discouraged, scared etc etc, but I'm not giving up.
I remember  posting that August had been a waste...let me gt into that again.

I know   I did not lose weight, and I also know that I have bat wings (sigh)
BUT, when I was scrolling down my I.G account, I found something interesting.

So, after almost a month, I do my full workouts, and I think I need something more challenging :)

So, I have decided to blog more, make memories and maybe vlog? I like the idea but it scares me! So, I can look back at moments like THIS!

How do you not get disheartened at weight loss fails? 

My answer would be, (not the best) I do drown my sorrows in a pizza or a chocolate & I get right back up. 

I tried to add, MFP ticker, but it looks big. I don't know how to shrink it :(
Please add me on myfitnesspal.