Taking it a notch up

First of all, thank you everyone for watching me on you tube. LOL Well--I don't have it in me but maybe I will get the hang of it...once I try again for 567th time. 

As, you all know that there has been no loss here in terms of weight, I thought about doing diffrent things, in my workout this week.
I never do lunges, swings, burpees,  or things that are REALLY tough. So, yesterday I gathered the courage to,  do those.

I could do it :-)  that's one & second is that I'm SUPER SORE!
I really hope that, I can do this hard workout atleast two-three times a week.

What does your current workout look like?  

I do three days on the treadmill +floor ( 30 mins & few floor workouts, total = 50 mins) And, two days floor +treadmill (20 or 30 mins depending on how much I rest +20 mins treadmill)

Initially, (2013) I used to 5K thrice a week and that was it. After, my blogger friend Tanvee ( Tanvee's Blog) introduced  and gave me workouts I just do these!