Hi folks its been so rough with me lately

Thursday I was able to just do fifteen minutes & then I was AWAKE THE WHOLE night last night!
with a. Cold. Runny nose. Hunger.

Its the worst feeling ever to not be able to sleep

I have barely slept two hours in the last 30 hours :(

So no work-out today, lot of yapping on snapchat  and feeling such a failure!!!!

I have been on track this week (food wise) but  I feel there is going to be no loss, on the scale,  as I had two biscuits at 6am and then took some crocin (kinda aspirin)!

In my defense I would have workedout but I think my body said no!!!!

What are your plans for Sat and Sun ? I plan to work out and eat well and maybe enjoy a treat!!! sleep