Hey everyone

So, I just wanted to update how this week went, keeping my goals in mind(so far)

I ended up more in pj's--did dress up today else what would I write here?
I'm  eating well but  worked out just one day--and I also sort of 'got off track' the other day!

It feels really hard right now, but I hope it will get better!

Is it because it's January? (Blame the rain!!!)

So, I lost my password to MFP, and made a new account last night--I just need some more pushing and some like-minded folks:)

Please add me --> My Fitness Pal

(slimexpectationsz)  --my user name on MFP

It's also my younger brothers birthday today & I have been  asking him to send me the pic of the cake  :)
That's him and me in my phiran ;)

But, sharing last years pic with you guys!!!!

Much Love