starting afresh

I know I say this a lot of month new goals blah blah.
But, I think I'm over my 'feeling sad'and going to do this now :)

1. I have been a religious reader of Katies Blog, and she just started a FB group for accountability. (link)

Goals for February were - 
workout 5 to 6 times  (did not happen)

stay on track (Yes except two weeks back)
reduce the intake of diet coke not even remotely close
not lose my cool (with kids) will give myself a pat, I did pretty ok :)

I do feel like a failure but maybe I'm not? I came across some old pics and they were an eye-opener and made me feel that I have probably not reached my destination yet, but I have come a LONG way.


 The first comparison pic  is  from 2013. Left pic is SAME WEIGHT as TODAY but two months apart.

This is from November last year, Ironically, I'm almost the same weight as the above snaps, hardly 5 pounds here and there