My A-B-C

I know it has been since forever, so what better way to start afresh, then to tell you omethings about me, which I guess you wouldn't know?? (like ever)

A - Amy, my husband, my friend, my soulmate.

B- Bachelor, The (first movie I watched with Amy in Hawaii) on the honeymoon

C- Chores I dislike doing -cleaning the mess after cooking

D- Diet Coke which I plan t quit for real soon

E-Eggs I love me some eggs

F- Family my strongest point

G- Goals which have been going round in circles in 2016

H- Hawaii where I secretly  belong

A room with a view, Outrigger Honolulu

I- Ice-creams-- I'm not an icecream person. (I'm weird that way!!!)

J- July- my birthday month ;)

K- Kids- twin boys :)

L- Lost my first tv soap opera after Friends

M- Mystre, my first Cirque Du Soleil show, but I loved  Le Reve more!

N- Nicknames Z, Zimba(?)

O- Overnight oats my fav breakfast :)

P- Pink my favorite colour

Q- Quote- If you only do what you have always done, you'll only get what you have always got

R-Running-to do a 5K in 30 mins #goal

S- SnapChat is so cool. (Follow me SEZAINAB)

T- TV Shows AND Travel

U- U-A-E the only place where I can go and eat anything and not feel bad (unless I step on the scales!!!)

High tea at the hotel, in Dubai

V- Veronica from the Archies, I sorta liked her;)

W-weight loss, something I want to accomplish this year!

X- xylem, yeah the part of a leaf?

Y-Yummy foods I love - my husband always makes are crepes or waffles. (Every year on my birthday!)

Z- Zainab (my name!)

Choose any letter, and tell me something or somethings about you?