blogger or wordpress?


I started blogging back in 2012, on blogger and continued for two years! Then, back in 2014 I wanted a new start and started blogging on WordPress.
AgreeD, it takes a little time to get used to it, but it was super good!!! 

I was pretty happy, but then blogging took a backseat.
Then, after 6 months I started this current blog. (I know my third one!!!)
Anyways, I recently got an iPhone and it does not have any blogger app. I usually blog from my cell phone & decided that I may need to switch to word press. 

For now I have downloaded the word-press app and, I'm composing my posts there, and then pasting them here when I log on.

Once, I understand W-P a little better I might even start posting just there. ?But, blogger is my first love!
Here is a sneak-peek of my post there LOL>> Link
However, I'm not super tech savvy, and cannot possibly transfer all the data from here!!! 

Pros and cons


So what appeals you more? Would you consider switching to WP or vice-versa?

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