Killer Arms?

Hi friends, 
It was great to read your opinion regarding blogger or WP, and I must say that there is a reason I have not already migrated to blogger ;)
I fell ill, on Saturday & my workout took a backseat for Sunday and Monday! 
But, I'm happy to say that I kept my eating on check, despite craving muffins and chocolate shakes like crazy!
Cos, you know what they say, abs are made in the kitchen!

I did a 5 K today, and did one last week, so that makes it 10K, for this month already :) 
Thirty kilometers more & I'm done for the month!

For Strength Training I  did tried a  four minute arms  workout. Don't be fooled--it looks easy but it will put your arms on fire!

I was sweating like crazy by the end of four minutes, but I'm looking forward to do this again!!!

How has your week been so far??  I did start watching a new t.v series called Guilt and it makes the treadmill even more fun :)


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