No Excuses!

Hey folks, how have you been?
This week was busy as we celebrated Eid
Which meant, that kids were home for last three days!

Well, I continued to *grind* and  instead of focusing on longer workouts, I did quick shorter ones! (Better than skipping them)

I have been experimenting, with bolgilates & her workouts are NO joke!!!  But, my favorite is by all means Joanna Soh for YouTube workouts!

I generally use the Nike App, for my runs most of the times.
(Except, when I dont want to hold the mobile in my hand. I desperately need a Fitbit)

I use the Nike App, when I remember to 

My workout was like this-

Monday- 40 minutes on treadmill (3 Km) + abs, arms

Tuesday- 30 minutes treadmill (2Km)

Wednesday - Arms, abs, thighs (total time 20-25 mins)

Thursday -  30 minutes treadmill (2.5 km) +abs ( I was super tired!)

Friday- I might take a rest day tomorrow, as I'm pretty sore!

(My treadmill workouts were all Hiit, given by Tanvee (Tanvee's Blog)

YOu all know I love to go on vacations, MORE than that I love Vacay-talk! And, this article proves, that I'm no crazy woman!

Do you love planning vacations? Trust me I start planning my next, before I get home from wherever I was :)