Adieu September & Hello October

September,  really flew, and although I’m facing some healthy issues currently, this too shall pass!
Let me warn you this is going to be a loongish post, so get ready with your fav pumpkin latte ;)
I have always liked October, more than the rest of the months. Firstly, my twins were born on the fifth of this month, and rest all of you who love fall, shall understand!!!

So, let's see what my goals for the previous month were?
Sep Goals
The blogging goal was met ;)
 I  wanted to do 40'km of  walking this month, but unfortunately I ended up with  barely 20-25 kms.
That's cos, I shifted my focus from quantity to quality, and, switched to doing hiit (20-30 mins) instead of 60 mins long  walks on the treadmill.
And, in the later half of the month, I started doing floor workouts more than cardio.
I also lost about 3 pounds, and besides the last week of the month due to being sick I worked out 5 days a week!!!


Sweet Potato Waffle

I just tried one new recipe, instead of two. I have been following diet plans by the best nutritionist ever (Her Pages Link) and this recipe was shared by her. I cannot share, the recipe, but there are many on   you-tube in case you want to try ;) 

What are your goals for the month? And, do you like fall- why or why not ? I love fall, it's just better than the scorching heat!